My Blogging Experience

Task: The fourth blog post
Option 2: Share your blogging experience with your readers

Being a first time blogger, I would have to say that my brief encounter so far in the “blogosphere” has been quite a successful experience. Obviously defining and measuring success is different for everyone. For me, the success has come from achieving personal goals within this area and taking on new challenges such as creating this blog site.

Prior to the commencement of this course my understandings and knowledge of the blogosphere was very minimal. Blogging has given me a new perspective of the enormity of social media and its vast networks, whether it’s a blog site, social networks or other social forms. It has become an essential means for sharing, discovering, learning, and to many, an opportunity for business and income.

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Alexa – A Search Analytics Tool

How has the growth of these social networks changed?
Why do you suppose that is?

Social Networks Compared:



Alexa is a web monitor that has been around since 1996. It collects and displays various statistical data about a particular website which is categorised into different areas; the three main areas include traffic stats, search analytics and audience (refer to figure 3.1). Each of these categories contain numerous information about the sites popularity, page views, search queries, and certain characteristics of the user such as age, gender and education to just name a few.

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How to make money from a Blog?

Task: The second blog post
Option 2: How to make money from a Blog?

Money Blog


A Blog is a shorthand for a ‘Web Log’ where news and opinions are often distributed in quirky and at times belligerent styles. It has become a powerful tool in shaping public opinion, sharing personal knowledge’s and skills and allowing bloggers to gain a source of income. A person does not have to be a professional journalist, a web developer or require a license to do any of these things. All that is required is imagination and regular  access to a computer.

It’s important to note that generating income from a blog site is not an easy feat and can be quite challenging. Revenue is not obtained instantly but is rather a gradual climb that takes time and dedication before it becomes truly profitable.

Nonetheless, the two crucial components in making money in any blog site are ‘Advertising’ and ‘Traffic’.

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Google Squared vs Wolfram Alpha

Task: Compare 2 special search sites or tools of interest and discover which one you think works better than the other.

Chosen Sites:

Google Squared (figure 1.A)
Wolfram Alpha (figure 1.B)

Note: Click to enlarge images

Google Squared

figure 1.A

Wolfram Alpha

figure 1.B



Google Squared and Wolfram Alpha are similar in the sense that they are both special search tools that attempt to acquire and extract structured data. They both have simple and similar search interfaces (refer to the images above) in which the search box is the predominant object and is centred on the page for easy and direct access.

Even though they were both created for similar purposes, their approaches in accomplishing this challenging task are very different from each other.

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My Online Journal

Welcome to my Blog!
In here I’ll share my progressive thoughts and opinions regarding Information Architecture and reflect on the the content and experiences provided through this course.

Course Preview
The web has become social and affects our culture as it relates to collaboration, participation and information sharing as well as to the daily workings of the enterprise. The major aim of this course is to extend students’ knowledge and understanding of internet based information architecture. The content of this course introduces the concept of information and content as corporate assets. Students will evaluate the content and technical aspects of existing informational, instructional, and promotional websites designed for libraries, government sectors, schools, cooperates, and other organizations.