How to make money from a Blog?

26 Aug

Task: The second blog post
Option 2: How to make money from a Blog?

Money Blog


A Blog is a shorthand for a ‘Web Log’ where news and opinions are often distributed in quirky and at times belligerent styles. It has become a powerful tool in shaping public opinion, sharing personal knowledge’s and skills and allowing bloggers to gain a source of income. A person does not have to be a professional journalist, a web developer or require a license to do any of these things. All that is required is imagination and regular  access to a computer.

It’s important to note that generating income from a blog site is not an easy feat and can be quite challenging. Revenue is not obtained instantly but is rather a gradual climb that takes time and dedication before it becomes truly profitable.

Nonetheless, the two crucial components in making money in any blog site are ‘Advertising’ and ‘Traffic’.


Advertising can come in a variety of types in which you must eventually decide on what’s best suited for your site. Various influences may impact your decision such as the advertisers, revenue or the types of ads you want to be promoting. Nonetheless, advertising is the main source of income where the advertisements size, placement and the number of readers of your page are considered. Figure 2.1 displays ads on found on Gizmodo, a popular technology blog site.

Gizmodo Ads

figure 2.1

Three Main types of Advertising Techniques

  • Pay-per-click: The advertiser pays the blogger each time someone clicks on the advertiser’s ad.
  • Pay-per-impression: The advertiser pays the blogger each time the ad appears on the blog’s page.
  • Pay-per-action: The advertiser pays the blogger each time someone clicks on the ad and performs an action such as making a purchase.
Types of Advertisements
  • Contextual Ads: Corresponds to the content of the page.
  • Text Link Ads: Based on specific text used in the post.
  • Impression-Based Ads: Based on the number of times the ad appears.
  • Affiliate Ads: Based on purchasing of advertised products.
  • Direct Ads: Purchasing advertising space on the blog page.
  • Reviews: Write reviews on products, business, websites, etc.
Click on the following link for a more detailed description of each ad.
Following is a list of well known companies that provide opportunity to generate income
Ad Networks
Affiliate Advertising (Advertiser pays a blogger to promote the advertiser’s products or services on the blogger’s site)
To view more companies click on the following link
It’s also important to note that each advertising company have their own rules and policies which every blogger must adhere to. If any infringement occurs then the blogger will be banned and will be unable to make any money.
The following link takes you to the Google AdSense policy page.
Traffic, traffic and more traffic
Blog Words

Having advertisement on your blog site is futile unless you are getting traffic (views) on your site. Traffic is the primary fuel of online income generation. Move visitors mean more ad clicks, more product sales, more affiliate sales, etc. There is no precise or correct method in how to get users to go to visit your site. However, there are various approaches that can be taken to increase your chances of getting a higher traffic load to your blog  site.

These include:

  • Guest posting: Giving some of your best articles away as guest posts.
  • Sign up for blog community sites:  Networking with other bloggers who have similar interest e.g.,
  • Join Directories: Will help you gain more traffic from search engines.
  • Blog Commenting: Comment on other blogs with thoughtful and provocative responses.
  • Forum Commenting: Commenting and providing a links to your blog in related forums.
  • Linking to other blogs: Provide links to other blogs sites that you mention in your post.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Another fundamental element in obtaining high traffic is SEO. According to Global Stats, Google is the most used search engine worldwide. It employs a search algorithm called PageRank where it helps ranks pages based on popularity. As a result it’s clear to see how important it is to have a well established site that have a lot of people linking to it through other blog sites, directories and other web sites that have a high reputation.


As you can see, making money through a blog site can be exciting yet very challenging. It invovles more than just placing advertisement all over the page. It’s about creating a site that is well established, consistently expanding, provides relevant content and finding a niche in which it can contribute and become a valuable asset. Achieving this will attract traffic and in turn increace your profits.

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