My Blogging Experience

07 Sep

Task: The fourth blog post
Option 2: Share your blogging experience with your readers

Being a first time blogger, I would have to say that my brief encounter so far in the “blogosphere” has been quite a successful experience. Obviously defining and measuring success is different for everyone. For me, the success has come from achieving personal goals within this area and taking on new challenges such as creating this blog site.

Prior to the commencement of this course my understandings and knowledge of the blogosphere was very minimal. Blogging has given me a new perspective of the enormity of social media and its vast networks, whether it’s a blog site, social networks or other social forms. It has become an essential means for sharing, discovering, learning, and to many, an opportunity for business and income.

Here is a link for a short video of some interesting Social Media Statistics.

Creating a blog site also has given me the opportunity to put into practice some of the Content Management and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques taught throughout this course. Here is a list of some useful SEO techniques which were implemented where applicable wihin my blog site.

Content Management Techniques include:

  • Chronology  (date posted)
  • Hierarchical Organisation Structure
  • Labelling as Index Terms
  • Hypertext
  • Tagging

There is no doubt that this project has been a valuable experience for me and towards my future profession. However, it is not something that I will continue at this current date.

In my short time of blogging, it seems to me that there are two main motivations as to why people become bloggers. Either for personal reason such as sharing stories, thoughts and opinions. And for the business aspect which can include advertising, reviewing products, expanding their target audience and most importantly, earning a source of income.

At the moment I am connected to a few established social networking sites and would also find it difficult to have the time and commitment needed to create a site for income purposes. As a result, there is no present incentive or motivation to continue. This is not to say that I will never blog again, but rather at a preferable time when the benefits of blogging become a valuable asset within that particular context.

Being an inspiring IT professional I would prefer to hard code and create my own website. In doing so, I will also be utilising the techniques and knowledge obtained throughout this course in regards to information architecture and content management and SEO techniques.

With WordPress being a customised Content Management System (CMS) it made it easier to organise and display content whilst removing many of the technical aspects. This is beneficial for users who are constantly updating and editing their content and have minimal experience with web development. However, at the same time this made it difficult to implement specific SEO techniques (refer to SEO techniques above) as certain parts of each page have restrictions on hard coding HTML tags.  As a result, it was not possible to implement some SEO techniques.

Another difficult aspect of creating any blog site is making one that is reputable. I am aware that this does not come easily and requires a lot of patience and time. Nonetheless, there are steps that can be taken to eventually achieve this goal. This involves registering to different search engines and directories, publicising the site through inbound and outbound links, researching and ensuring that the content is relevant and interesting to your specific audience. However, it’s important to understand that each of these tasks are not easily achieved if done well.

As my knowledge and understandings of blogging increased, so did my respect for its innovation. To truly have a successful blog site that is always ahead of the other million sites out there, then it’s vital that information architecture and content management practices are implemented, as well as SEO techniques. If not, then the site will be lost in that never ending network we call the world wide web.

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